Ulei cutie viteze AMSOIL 80W90 Gear Lube


Amsoil Synthetic 80W90 Gear Lube

Ulei cutie viteze AMSOIL 80W90 Gear Lube Synthetic replaces all conventional 80W-90 gear oils and exceeds the lubrication and performance requirements of front and rear differentials, transfer cases, transaxles, manual transmissions, oil lubricated wheel bearings, and steering gear boxes that require any of the following specifications: API GL-5 & MT-1; MIL-PRF2105E; Dana SHAES 234 (Formerly Eaton PS-037) for 250,000 miles; MACK GO-J; Arvin/Meritor 0-76D plus hypoid gear oil specifications from all domestic and foreign manufacturers such as GM, Ford and Daimler Chrysler. Can also be used rear axles where API Service GL-4 lubricant is recommended.

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CantitateCodPret cu TVA / bidon
0.946LAGLQT64 lei

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